Storms and shipwrecks

An experience to try firsthand, holding on tight!

Storms and shipwrecks

Board a lifeboat in a stormy sea

The Storm Room in VR, thanks to the use of Virtual Reality, presents a new layout to further involve the "visit - actor" in the adventure of a shipwreck at Cape Horn, aboard a lifeboat.

The public - 18 people at the same time - is invited to take a seat on special dynamic seats inside the lifeboat and, equipped with a virtual reality viewer (Samsung Gear VR), can experience the experience firsthand a thrilling journey on a stormy sea.

The visitor has a multi-sensory experience: the special dynamic seats positioned on the boat pitch, rise and fall on the waves - better hold on tight! - , the noises of the storm resound around the survivors and, like ghosts, albatrosses, orcas and whales appear.

One question remains: will we save ourselves from the shipwreck? Who will gather us in the cold and windy waters of Cape Horn? All that remains is to go to the Galata Sea Museum to find out.

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